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Rhythmicstan was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing high-quality music education to people all around India. The aim is not only to help students develop a lifelong appreciation for music but to provide them with musical knowledge and experience that would truly enable them to achieve their musical aspirations whether professional or recreational. We focus on regular performances and necessary theoretical sessions in addition to regular music classes. We also encourage our students to take International Music Exams such as Rockschool, Trinity College London, and ABRSM, which help them acquire a well-rounded musical education.

Let the Music Speak!

Music has great value in education at all levels. While music develops a student's mind, their capacity to express themselves, and a wide range of other attributes, they learn many essential and important principles for life. Reading music is like learning a new language with acoustic meaning. Someone's mood can be improved by music, which can also thrill or calm the listener. Importantly, music also enables us to experience almost all of the emotions we go through in life. There are countless options. So come along with us as we set off on this musical journey to share love and joy.


Meet Our Awesome Team

Ravi Kumar -Guitar Teacher

Board member of Music International USA, 10-year music veteran and esteemed ex-educator at multiple platforms like White hat Junior and Byjus Future Learning.

Sahil Salhotra - Vocals Teacher

With 7 years of teaching experience Sahil Sir is a true maestro. Having mentored over 100 students, his dedication to nurturing talent is unmatched.

Rahul Kumar - Drum Teacher

With 7+ years of teaching experience, he brings a diverse range of skills to our drum classes. Join us to unleash your drumming prowess under his expert guidance.

Sonu Kumar - Flute Teacher

With 10 years of teaching experience and a profound knowledge of Gandhar Maha-Vidyalaya, Has taught over 100 students and is a true virtuoso.

Raj - Piano Teacher

With notable achievements like being a Colours Rising Star participant and participating in international festivals, His talent knows no bounds.

Angela Pinto - Western Vocals

With a specialization in Western vocals and a name that resonates in the music industry, Angela brings a wealth of experience and passion to her teaching.

15 Team Members
110 Happy Students
20 Events Organized
10 Awards Win

What do they say?

These are some of the statements from the prior students of Rhythmicstan and their guardians.

"Joining the music academy was a life-changing decision for me. As an adult learner, I was initially hesitant, but my piano teacher's patience and expertise made all the difference. The academy's welcoming atmosphere and tailored lessons have made my musical journey truly enjoyable."

Mr. R.P. Meena

IPS DCP - South East Delhi

" Enrolling in Rhythmicstan was the best choice I could have made. My guitar teacher's guidance have transformed my music abilities. The academy's professional approach and collaborative environment have reignited my passion for music. It's never too late to chase your dreams!"

TK Manoj Ji

India WareHouse Chairman

" I am grateful for the opportunity to learn, improve, and connect with fellow music enthusiasts. Professional approach, collaborative environment, and support of fellow musicians inspire exploration and new horizons. Rhythmicstan has a great team and they have revitalized my love for music."

Mr. Jeff Rockwell

Founder Music International USA

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